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Behavioral changes

Your lifestyle change involves changing behaviors When you learned how to smoke, you began pairing other behaviors with the act of smoking. How many times have you realized you've smoked half a cigarette, and you didn't even remember lighting it?

Smoking throughout the day is really more out of habit than any real need to keep your nicotine level up. Talk on the phone and smoking, wake up and smoking first thing, feel stressed and light up, drink and smoke are all examples of paired behaviors.

Take an inventory

On a piece of paper write all the activities you can think of where you automatically smoke. You may have to carry your paper around with you for a few days to be sure to write every activity that involves smoking.

Once you know all your paired behaviors you can begin to think of new routines to replace the old ones that involved smoking. If you can't create a brand new activity to replace an old one, you can alter an activity just long enough to break the pairing between the activity and smoking.

For example, if coffee is paired with smoking, you can switch to tea for a few weeks. Tea will not be a strong trigger to smoke like a cup of coffee might be.

If you smoke as soon as your feet hit the floor in the mornings, you can replace that activity by running to the shower as soon as you wake up. It'll be very difficult to smoke in the shower.

For every daily activity you listed in your smoking inventory create one or two new activities to replace the habitual cigarette.

What to do

In order to stop old behaviors it's important to create new ones to take their place. After you've made your inventory of your smoking habits you can start new habits that will give you real pleasure. This is absolutely the best time to start a new hobby!

Preparation is the key to becoming a lasting nonsmoker. Click Next to consider the psychological changes necessary to become a lasting nonsmoker.


Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Click here to become a nonsmoker!

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