Become a nonsmoker today!

is the best day to become a nonsmoker!

Setting and pursuing your goals

The transition from smoker to nonsmoker is temporary, it will end! Get your Decisional Balance Sheet and look at what you wrote under Good Things About Quitting Smoking. You have already listed several goals you want to accomplish.

Now look at what you wrote under Not So Good Things About Smoking and you've got more goals to work toward.

Look at all the notes you've made about the physical, behavioral and psychological changes you need to make to become a nonsmoker. Write goals on every aspect. Make a list of your goals so you can see it throughout the day.

State your goals as if they are already true

Instead of saying "I want to be a nonsmoker." write your goal like this: "I'm a nonsmoker!"

If one of your goals is to set a better example for your children or grandchildren, write your goal like this: "I'm a nonsmoker and set a good example for my children and grandchildren."

Go back over all the goals you've written based on the physical, behavioral and psychological aspects of smoking and re-write each goal as if it is already true. Start believing that reaching your goals is not only possible, but believe you have already accomplished them.

What to do

Make posters and little signs you can put around the house. Tape your goals on the bathroom mirror. Get creative as you write your goals and as you put reminders around your house, your office, your car, and especially in places where you used to smoke.

Preparation is the key to becoming a lasting nonsmoker. Click Next to learn how a positive attitude can make your transition easy and worry free.


Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Click here to become a nonsmoker!

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