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Psychological changes

Your lifestyle change will involve psychological changes. Start thinking of yourself as a nonsmoker! Now that you have learned how to smoke, your mind believes you are a smoker. The most direct route to becoming a nonsmoker is to get your mind to see yourself as a nonsmoker. Becoming a nonsmoker involves mindful psychological changes.

Your inner voice will lead you back to smoking if you let your old beliefs play in your mind. If you change your beliefs your inner voice will lead you to a life free from the cost, the smell, the mess and the hazards of smoking.

What about Zyban?

There are several prescription medications that can help you deal with feelings of loss, sadness, anxiousness and other recovery symptoms. Zyban and Wellbutrin are the most popular medications to stop smoking. It's important to visit your health care provider to discuss your quit and to determine if using one of these pills is right for you. If you get a prescription follow the instructions carefully.

Changing your beliefs

Go back to your Decisional Balance Sheet and look at what you wrote under Good Things About Smoking. Whatever you wrote down in the beginning will give you an idea what your true beliefs are.

For every belief you have that involves cigarettes you'll need to create new beliefs that involve being a happy and very content nonsmoker. You've got to believe that you are a nonsmoker!

What to do

The fastest way to start believing that you're a nonsmoker is to say outloud as much as you can every day, "I'm a nonsmoker! I'm a nonsmokmer! I love fresh air! I'm in control of my health! I'm a nonsmoker!"

Preparation is the key to becoming a lasting nonsmoker. Click Next to start setting some goals for your new lifestyle.


Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Click here to become a nonsmoker!

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