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Get support

Having the right kind of support can make or break your quit effort. The more support you have the easier your quit will be.

Local weekly group meetings

Call your local hospitals, HMOs, universities and other agencies to find out if there are weekly support groups you can attend. If you're a veteran call your nearest VA Medical Center. Look in your Yellow Pages under United Way agencies to find your local lung association and cancer society office.

If you can find local meetings go to them. In-person support is the best help as you become a nonsmoker. It's worth the time and effort to locate groups you can visit before you set your quit date.

Family and friends

Your family and friends can be a source of tremendous support if they better understand what you need as you quit. Tell all your friends and family about your decision to quit. Tell them why you're quitting and what it means to you to become a nonsmoker. Let your friends know of your new desires. Your family and friends will be so happy you're working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Online support groups

Most internet service providers have online groups you can join. Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others offer hundreds of groups made up of people quitting and can be a great source of support. Go to your favorite provider and do a search for "Quit Smoking Support Groups". You'll want to join more than a few so you can find a group that suits you and your method of quit.

I helped operate a very successful online group through Yahoogroups, Quit Smoking Support. They're in their 15th year of helping people around the world become nonsmokers.

Telephone support (U. S. only)

As part of the tobacco settlement, many states have toll-free telephone helplines you can call to get support. To find out the number to call in your state visit and click on your state. Write the number down and make a note of the hours the helpline is available. Having someone to talk to can help you get over a craving and remain smokefree.

What to do

You can't have too much support. Try as many different sources of support that you can. You'll find a few sources of support that you're comfortable with and that will give you the help you need to become a lasting nonsmoker.

Preparation is the key to becoming a lasting nonsmoker. Click Next to start the journey of your life.


Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Becoming a nonsmoker just got a whole lot easier!

Click here to become a nonsmoker!

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